Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sort Of A Fail: Lancashire Lentil Bake

I came across this recipe via Green Gourmet Giraffe some months ago and thought, hey, that looks incredible, let's give it a go! So we got cooking. We mixed up the stock and flavourings, fried the tempeh in the wine, and then my mother looked at it, pulled a 'blech' face and said "Why don't we use lentils?" It was brilliant. It's been on our regular rotation ever since and I've been meaning to blog about it for a while now. Except, in true Murphy's Law fashion, the one day I take pics, I screw it up. Yay.

What differs in using lentils instead of tempeh: make up your stock mix using the whole 500ml. Add in a generous splash of red wine. Then, instead of frying off the lentils (why bother?) just drain and rinse. Prep and fry your other veggies in the interim - you've got more liquid here, so I add some other veggies like peas and celery. You can just throw peas in frozen, as they've got 2+ hours in the oven to go soft and delicious. Once your veggies are fried off and floured, add your stock and your lentils, bung it all in a pan and layer your spuds on top: 

 The little flecks are dulse flakes. I add them to my salt shaker for added iodine and to feel healthy whenever I salt the hell out of everything.

Again, 140 for 2 hours, then up the oven to 200 for however long you think it needs. I pulled it out at about the 2.75 hour mark and thought - why are the potatoes not brown? Why is there so much liquid?


So I got this instead, and it was pretty good, but not nearly as tasty as it usually is. Usually it's thick and sticky and gravyish and very comforting. This didn't really taste like it'd had 3 hours in the oven, and I was sad about it.

Lesson learned: do not break your oven. 
(But, if you're like me and haven't learned to love tempeh - try this recipe with lentils! You might learn something.)

Pana Chocolate Cafe, Richmond

This week has well and truly stunk. I've been down with a king-size case of flu, with just about every gross side-effect I can think of. So, what's a person to do when they feel a teeny bit okay and are dying to get out of the house? Check out Pana's new cafe in Richmond!

The shop is adorable. It's small but feels spacious, and has a gorgeous array of wall-art: 

But the counter is even better to look at!

Check out that range of gorgeous choccies. There are small individual chocs (around $2.80), larger fudgy squares (maybe $4.50?) and cheezecake slices ($8.50). I didn't ask about the packaged blocks - I usually stagger home with a bunch of them after World Vegan Day and that's not too far off!

Notice the empty platter there - that's because I snagged the last white chocolate blueberry cheesecake:

This was super super yummy, but there's a certain creaminess to it that freaked me out for a good while - it's beautifully done, and really doesn't seem vegan. Super decadent!

I also snagged a few little goodies to take home: 

 Unfortunately, I went on a bit of an expedition before heading home and they ended up a little beat up. Still: here's a pic of the mango ganache square, white rose/river salt choc, and mango salted caramel choc.

These looked absolutely gorgeous. The mango ganache is super yummy but not really heavy on the mango at all - it reminds me of omni hard ganaches (if you were a fan of Michel's Patisserie mudcakes once upon a time, think along those lines) but in a healthier way. I have to admit, the other two didn't really do it for me. I wanted them to, but there was too much salt and it was a bit overpowering, especially the white rose chocolate.. all I could really taste was salt (so much salt - and I salt everything!) and a little floral. Sad, it sounded fantastic.
That said, I love the fact Pana have branched out. The cafe is easy to get to, adorable and the service was great - though there are only 3 stools which we occupied, so don't go in a group if you intend to sit and chat. They're very popular - heaps of people wandered in and out while we were there. This Yelp review sums it up quite well: all the women are at Pana Chocolate, and for damn good reason. Try it out! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Favourite Chocolate Ever: Madecasse

When I went vegan, Lindt was my gateway drug - it started me legitimately enjoying dark chocolate, instead of tasting that 'dirty' bitterness. Now I'm a hopeless choccy snob. My favourites are fruity darks and raws (Pana Chocolate anyone? - reviewing on Friday) - and so, I figured I'd better blog about this brand. They've been far and away my favourite dark chocolate for a good few years now and everyone should know about them! Meet Madecasse's sea salty nibs bar and the pink pepper and citrus:

Cute packaging, right? They come foil-wrapped in adorable paper sleeves, folded over and tied with a bit of raffia. I like this. It's like buying yourself a present!

The bars have a gorgeous almost reddish colour to them - different to most other dark chocs I've tried. And the flavour is fantastic. The salty nibs bar has a subtle crunch and the salt in it appears to be quite large, so the occasional bite is really intense. The pepper is more obviously flavoured - you can taste it in every bite, but it's not overpowering and works well with the chocolate. The citrus I find really faint, so I tend to just think of this as the "pepper" bar. They're on the "darker" side of things, and I'm not generally one to understand all that flavour profiling bullshit that comes with labels, but there is a definite fruitishness to these. They're rich and smooth and utterly fantastic, but definitely a chocolate for dark chocolate lovers. (If you're vegetarian, I have it on good authority the Arabica Coffee milk bar is brilliant too.) They also have plain milks and darks, as well as a fascinating sounding cinnamon-pepper dark bar.

  But the really cool thing is: they're fair-trade, but not only that - the bars are made in Madagascar. According to their Facebook, they were inspired by their time in the Peace Corps and wanted to give back. Seems like they're doing it too - producing the chocolate itself in Madagascar apparently creates four times the impact of just using fair-trade cocoa beans. So they're delicious and ethical! Awesome.

I got mine from Leo's in Heidelberg - be warned, not all flavours are vegan so read carefully, but these two are and they're glorious. You're looking at about $5 a bar, but if you're going to try a nice chocolate any time soon, make it these. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another Junkfood Binge: LOTF and Berrissimo (again)

Oh my God, it's been a week since I last posted. I suck at this mofo thing, but I have TONS of posts to come - I'm off on the lovely Jasmine from Simply Replenished's spring cleanse once October starts, so I've been eating out more than I usually do and cooking like crazy and just enjoying having tastebuds and working close to the veggie district in Fitzroy. I have a couple more outings (eatings?) planned for this week too. Woo.

This was my work lunch yesterday. I actually tried to swing by Grill'd for some chips but they were out of chips (how does that even happen?) so - LOTF chips and a mini Uncle Sam: 

 And my dog-eared copy of Lolita in the corner.. whoops. 

I've been meaning to try an Uncle Sam for years (seriously. I tried last time they were on the menu and they were out of onion rings and made me a disappointing burger minus them with my consent) and am so glad I did. It was tasty, but when I actually managed to get a bite of onion ring it all made sense and became totally awesome. I am a huge fan of fried things on burgers, though, so I'm biased. But pickles! And tomato! And look at how cute it is. I love eating at the Brunswick St. store because the food just looks super appetising and the fact they have a vintage arcade machine with Pacman loaded kinda helps. If the Donkey Kong game wasn't a preview I think I'd probably live here.

Looks like my burger is wearing a corset.

And then, because I idled past Berrissimo on the way back, looked at the flavours and - hey, Nutella?! Had to stop in. Naturally.
This amazing bastard is a small Nutella with chocolate sauce, peanut butter caramel (!!) and coconut roughs, $5: 
You also get a pic of a guy's butt. Sorry, Random Guy, it was melting and I was hungry.

I don't think you'll be surprised if I tell you this was incredible. The Nutella is nice - not as amazing as the lemonade, but it has a hazelnut kick and a little cocoa, and it's a brilliant base for the sauces (that peanut butter caramel is insanely tasty and I've already looked into making my own). I love the fact I can get vegan chocolatey things on my fro-yo at Berrissimo - such a little thing, but damn does it make me happy. Vegans don't generally get that option. And the coconut roughs are awesome! If they sold them by the bag I'd be a very happy lady.
In conclusion, Berrissimo = still great. The only thing they are possibly missing is crushed peanuts as a topping. And a store next to my house.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Chan House Revamped

Veganopolous recently posted about a visit to Chan House that had me drooling. Today I got tattooed (yay!) and decided to grab lunch at Chan House and - hey, what the hell is this?!

Divine Realm?! Chan House has either changed hands or just rebranded (FWIW, I was a pretty big regular here for a solid year when I worked in the CBD - didn't recognise anyone there today - maybe a changeover?). Some things are still very much the same - some of the signs, the fried rice, etc. However, there are quite a few new things (vegan prawn crackers and crispy tofu skin!) and most things are now marked vegan, so you don't have to guess. I like this.

Here's the new menu setup:

Pretty cool how you can just pick up the mock-meat without rice. But I saw "sweet and sour spare ribs" and fried noodles and had to go for a small eat-in plate.

Ordinarily I'd be pissed that they only gave me four "ribs" - that's a lot of noodles and no mock-meat. But, honestly, I didn't like them in the slightest. Instead of the old gluteny deep-friend 'ribs', these are some bright pink mock-meat sandwiched with a strip of fake ham, fried and covered in a very, very tangy sauce. I don't know. I love Chinese food, but these were incredibly wrong somehow.. texturally and flavour-wise. I didn't even finish them. However, the noodles were super satisfying and I didn't really feel jipped at a plate of those. They're nothing mind-blowing, but if you're wanting fried noodles, they're great.

Feeling a bit sad, I picked up one of my old favourites on the way out, the deep-fried dim sim stick:

These are junky in the best possible way. They're filled with some kind of homogeneous, vaguely sweet mock-meat I've never encountered elsewhere, and are super crispy and totally satisfying if you want deep-fried crunch. So: some things haven't changed!
I'm hoping these 'ribs' were a one-off.. there used to be some pretty tasty stuff going on at Chan House. The prices are great so I'll definitely be back with crossed fingers.

 In other news, still obsessed with Berrissimo:

Small strawberry cupcake, $4
Would not recommend. Weird artificial flavour to it.. kinda like those crappy strawberries and cream gummies in mixed lolly bags. Blech.

Small lemonade with passionfruit boba, $5
This ROCKED. The fro-yo is more of a soft sorbet and it's really just straight-up lemon.. but in a great way (I made lemonade rainbow cupcakes once and almost barfed - forever wary of lemonade flavour now.). I'd never actually tried boba before but damn it was good. Next time I'm going for the lychee as well.
I also noticed there are more vegan toppings than I knew about. Peanut butter caramel! Truffles! Chocolate chunks! You guys! Go there. Really. It's awesome.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Whole New Level Of Lazy

Have you ever had one of those cravings where you're too lazy to go out and get what you want, but somehow aren't too lazy to duplicate it?
This happened.

 L-R: 'chicken' chow mein, 'plum' glazed pork marinated and fried until it got sticky and a little burny, sweet and sour 'chicken'. 

I have no real recipes here. Just take it from me that it was great. I used premade sauces for each component (this page has a brilliant list of vegan-friendly stir-fry sauces - pick your favourites!).

Chicken chow mein. Premade "chow mein" vegan sauce - carrot, broccoli, bok choy, onion, peanuts, mock battered chicken chunks (the Asian style - I love these, they work for everything! Feel free to sub your fave mock meat though.). I fried the 'chicken' in a little oil until brown and crispy, then added all the veg and peanuts to the same pan - poured in the sauce packet, added a generous splash of veggie stock and let it simmer down until veggies were still a bit crunchy, peanuts were a little soft and the sauce was thickened. Cashews would be an excellent addition, as well as baby corn. Must note for next time!

Plum "pork" - vegan mock char siu pork rubbed liberally with jarred vegan plum sauce and left to sit for an hour. Then just fried in a hot pan until a bit sticky and burny and awesome. These leftovers are going to ROCK in fried rice.

Sweet and sour - this one was the simplest of all! Fry your chicken until super crispy, then throw in red and green capsicum, pineapple and onion cut fairly chunky. Fry until the onion is a little brown and smoky, and the capsicum is only slightly softened. Mix in your pre-made sauce and serve immediately! 


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Obligatory Lord of the Fries Post

So. Lord of the Fries.
I really have nothing to say that hasn't been said before: great people, great service (I have had my burger dairy-cheesed on quite a few occasions, but they're always super apologetic and usually offer some kind of upgrade, so - not too bad!) and the food is great. Here's my poison of choice, a mini vegan Mark and some chips at the Brunswick St. store:

I love the fact they have sit-down eateries now. And you can get booze. It's the sort of place I'd love to go before a gig - nice, easy lazy food and a cider or two to go with it. And I saw a sign on the way out: sweet potato fries now available! You guys! I'll be back very soon.

And, just because, my other favourite: a big vegan New Yorker. These things are downright gross in the best way: patty, cheese, bbq sauce, mustard, onions, HASH BROWN. It's genius. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be adding onion rings. LOTF: what say you?

In other news, I finally made it to Berrissimo: 

 Small vegan choc mousse ($4) with flaked almonds ($1).
 Check out that texture!

This stuff is SO. GOOD. I can actually go to my local shopping centre and get a vegan chocolate ice-cream (Fountain Gate Gelare! Try it, it's wonderful and labeled vegan) but choosing almonds made this one brilliant. There are 3-4 vegan flavours every day and a pile of different mix-ins, quite a few vegan - mochi, tapioca pearls, fruit compotes, all sorts! I am stoked to be able to get this stuff so close to work. Actually, I tried to have it for lunch on Wednesday but they were randomly closed until 6 pm that day. God damnit. I will be back to try the strawberry cupcake flavour, and I will blog about it.

Also, I went to Gong De Lin and got the plum juice and it was great. For some reason it reminded me of a Slush Puppy syrup (in a good way) - if you're not into strong flavours it might not be your thing:

This is a crap post. Life has been INSANE this week (including winning Vegie Head's big giveaway - SKJDHJFHSDFKJHD so excited). I'll be back with non-crap very shortly! Promise!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bullsh*t Recipe: Margherita Pizza using Notzarella

I can't be the only vegan who grew up loving cheese pizza and cheese pizza only, right?

Cheese pizza was my standard order at pizza joints until I went vegan four years back. It took me a while to even think about making pizza, but eventually I started trying. The first attempt was this half-and-half everything pizza a while back - it was okay, but didn't really hit the spot:

Inspired by Green Gourmet Giraffe's cheeseburger pizza.. 'burger' meat, beetroot, pineapple, every veggie in the house, a little Cheezly.

Then I discovered Notzarella and started to get comfy with making my own dough. This pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and insanely easy. The only things are: you NEED to use Notza. Cheezly won't melt as well, and will be too strong. Also: stick to the quantity of cheese. Notza melts really liquidy and will burn the hell out of you while you're trying to eat it, and that sucks.

Incredibly Delicious Notza-Margherita Pizza
Serves 2, or one really hungry person

1/2 quantity of my favourite lazy dough recipe (courtesy of The great thing about this is that all you have to do is throw everything in a bowl and bash it together, then let rise. Nobody likes to work too hard for pizza, so it's ideal. But if you have a favourite recipe - use it!
approx. 1/2 small tomato, sliced thinly, then quarter the slices
Pizza sauce of choice (you don't have to work hard here. Woolies makes them in a squeeze bottle and it's pretty good!)
1/4 block of Notzarella faux-cheese
1/2-1 tsp. dried oregano

Set your oven to max (approx. 250)If you're using a pizza stone, pre-heat it. If you're not, try and get one - seriously, they're fantastic and make the best bases ever. Once you have your cooking base, roll out your dough to full pizza size, and gently press onto your stone. I find that this recipe doesn't stick - if you have issues with this on your tray or stone, try to agitate the base before it goes in the oven.
Smear on your pizza sauce with a spoon. Crumble your Notza up and sprinkle evenly over the pizza - this stuff melts REALLY well, so don't stress about any bald patches. Top with your sliced tomatoes and oregano and you should hopefully have something that looks like this:

Always assemble on your tray or stone. Manhandling topped dough is a PAIN.

Then pop it in the oven for approx. ten minutes and hey, presto, cheese pizza for lazy vegans!

Best eaten in front of the TV with a beer or something fizzy after a bad day. Enjoy!

In Which I Develop A $5 Chip Habit

Yesterday I went to Radical Grocery after ballet (famous last words) for Notzarella and walked out with two packets of chips - Thomas Chipman's Rosemary and Thyme and Boulder Canyon's Hickory BBQ.

If you like rosemary and thyme on your spuds, you'll love these. They're subtly flavoured - you can taste it, but it's not a smack in the mouth. They are not kettle chips - I think that'd spoil them, actually,  all you'd get is crunch and maybe a random stab of herb here and there. I was super impressed - and pissed. Nobody needs an expensive chip habit. Why are there not more herb-flavoured chips out there? It seems like a brilliant idea. Everything goes with potatoes.

Good job, Mr Chipman!

And then it got worse.
These are the Boulder Canyon BBQ chips:

Look at that hilarious orange colour. was absolutely starving after ballet and tore into the packet (as you can see) when I left the store. The first thing that hit me was the liquid smoke flavour straight out of the bag - I love cooking with liquid smoke, but I'm pretty wary of it in most commercial products. But these are really well balanced - they have that sweetness that good BBQ flavours have, and they're incredibly moreish.
If anything: these remind me of Kettle's Honey Baked Ham chips I liked pre-veg, with the sweetness of a regular BBQ chip.

I paid approx. $3.80 for the rosemary-thyme and $5.something for the amazing BBQ ones. No pressure, but seriously. Try the BBQ. And if anyone out there knows where to find them in Melb's southeast - let me know so I can get broke and fat in peace.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Boring Text Post: My Top Five Recipes From Other Bloggers' Fabulous Minds

I've been a blog-lurker for years. Time to pay homage to some of my favourite recipes from other bloggers around the world. These are the ones I use frequently, sometimes adapted, sometimes not - either way, I don't get bored of them so definitely worth posting. I'll try and update this in future!

A Series of Kitchen Experiments - Vegetarian Paella
This was actually my mother's discovery a few years back, but it's been on regular rotation in our house ever since. Homemade stock makes it even better. We also use a mix of hot and sweet paprika so it stays pretty mild.

C'est La Vegan - Coconut Bundt Cake
This is one of those cakes that looks fancier than it is. It's also gloriously moist and stays that way for days - perfect if you're not a huge sweet tooth or making a whole cake for a couple of lazy eaters. The icing sugar dusted over the top is good, but for plus points, dark chocolate ganache (I use Whittaker's dark ghana melted with Nuttelex so it sets hard) is totally where it's at.

Messy Vegetarian Cook - Lancashire Hotpot
Okay. Actually, I mess with this one quite a bit. Instead of using tempeh, I tend to just fry the veg, add the wine and stock and everything in together, and use a tin of lentils for the protein. Makes it far lazier and is so, so tasty. Try it both ways - you could even probably sub TVP, tofu or your fave faux-meat -but keep the flavours, they're great as is.

Easy as Vegan Pie - Sausage Rolls
I actually came across Where's the Beef's recipe for this first, but this one is much more my speed. These seem richer and there's less of that... wobby softness.. you get using silken tofu. They freeze well too!

Speaking of Where's the Beef - Tempeh Not-Bacon
This marinade is AMAZING. I've chucked it on tempeh. On tofu. I intend to try it on soy curls and flaked coconut in the near future. I'm not a fan of commercial facon, and this is so damn good that the marinating time is worth it.. and it's much easier and cheaper than Redwood, which is always nice!

So there's my top 5 from other bloggers. What recipes are your favourites?

Nha Hang 5 Sao - Springvale

I live in the southeast of Melbourne. I also love delicious greasy Chinese food. This is generally a problem, as I hate deep frying at home and, despite working in the city, don't always have excuses to go in there. Or maybe I'm just lazy! Let's go with that.

Anyway, a little while back I saw Brianna post about a mock meaty restaurant in Springvale - not quite so far from home. So I called them up, explained "vegan" (you may have some issues with this - staff aren't so good with English I don't think) and was assured everything minus dishes with egg from their vego menu is OK. Great! Popped in after dance class one day and grabbed some lemon soy chicken:

This looked super cute, and was made of flaky bean curd sheets. The sauce was thick and lemony and a little kicky - not that sugary goop you sometimes get. However, I'm not a huge fan of bean curd sheets, so it didn't really hit the spot - but I was still inspired to go back. This time we were absolutely ravenous after checking out IKEA (does IKEA do that to anyone else?) and grabbed some spring rolls while we waited for our mains:

We were insanely starving so I didn't think to photograph until halfway through munching. Sorry. These are pretty good spring rolls - sweet and sour sauce, hot, lots of veggies. They don't beat Gong De Lin's, but that's a pretty high standard. 

Side note: We tried to order the sesame prawn toast, but they don't actually have it any more. This has happened both times. I want prawn toast. Sad times.

For mains, we grabbed kung pao chicken and sweet and sour pork:

These were both really tasty and a great deal at $12.50/plate. Much cheaper than White Lotus or Enlightened Cuisine and just as good! The kung pao was a little over my spice tolerance - there's something like ten or twelve dried hot chillis floating around in that sauce, plus all the chilli in the sauce itself. Probably wouldn't order it again, being a spice wuss, but if you like heat you'll love it. They use the sweeter, battered mock chicken 'nuggets' that work perfectly with the sauce. The sweet and sour was also really good - great crunchy batter that was still crisp when it got to the table. I just realised this is my second sweet and sour pork review in about 3 posts. And my THIRD sweet and sour review. God damnit. I am a simple woman.

Either way, I'm definitely going to head back. Food is super tasty and cheap, conveniently located diagonally across the intersection from Springvale station, plus if you don't finish your meal you can just grab a couple of containers on the way out and doggy-bag it (we ordered rice with our mains and took literally half our plates home - mock meat is filling!). Words of warning though: Springvale is a pain in the ass to drive to. Take the train. Also, if the sight of meat offends you - this probably isn't the place for you. There are BBQ ducks in the front window and pork gets carved on an old style chopping block with a cleaver near the paying area. You can't see it whilst you're eating, but if you are sensitive to that sort of thing - go to White Lotus and get the special fried rice for me! Also - the vegetarian menu is in a separate folder, you'll need to ask for it when you're seated. But not a big deal - I'm happy to see more omni-veg places pop up, especially when the veg food is pretty damn good.

Nha Hang 5 Sao are at 4-4A Balmoral Ave., Springvale. Open from 10-10 pm, I believe - prices are very reasonable, starting at around $9 for veg meals with rice. Check it out!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bullsh*t Recipe: Bruschetta Pizza

A while ago, I had to go to a schmoozy work lunch with clients at an Italian pizzeria. I figured I'd just ask for a veg pizza minus cheese, but saw bruschetta pizza on the menu and couldn't resist - and damn, it was good. I came home and experimented with it and it's easily one of my favourite vegan pizzas - looks kind of fancy, tastes brilliant, almost no effort and minimal ingredients. Awesome. Also, you can easily prep the mix and dough the night before and bake and assemble when you feel like it. Great for leftovers!

Tomato goop on the stove. Oops.
Bruschetta Mix (makes enough for one pizza - easily doubled/tripled/etc!)

1/4 cup fresh basil, torn roughly into small pieces (use your hands!)
2 medium-to-large tomatoes, diced
1/4 medium onion, diced very finely
Approx 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

Super simple. Prep everything, throw into a bowl. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and season. Toss to combine and let sit for a little while. The longer it marinates, the nicer it'll be! If it seems liquidy, don't worry - that gets drained before it hits the pizza, so nothing gets soggy.

Pizza Dough (from
This makes enough for 2 bases. If you like, double your bruschetta mix! Nobody likes half a packet of yeast lying about. Also, if you have a favourite dough recipe - use it! I just like the simplicity of this one.

3 cups (400g) plain flour
2 tsp dried yeast
2 tsp salt
1 cup warm water
3 tbsp olive oil

Place flour, yeast and salt in a bowl and mix. Gradually add the water and olive oil then knead by hand for 7-10 minutes until the dough is smooth.  Place dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with cling wrap. Set aside in a warm place to rise for 30 minutes to an hour until it doubles in volume. Knead dough gently for a few minutes to remove some air.  Divide dough in two and roll out pizza bases. Sprinkle a little flour on the bench before rolling to prevent dough from sticking.

For the top of your pizza dough: 

A generous drizzle of olive oil (or your favourite oil)
Salt, pepper, a little garlic, dried herbs of choice (I like rosemary/thyme/oregano/basil and a sprinkle of onion powder)

Preheat your oven as high as it'll go, with your pizza stone (or tray - I always use my stone, but I'm sure you could bake normally too) inside. After ~10-15 min, remove the hot stone. Place your rolled out base onto the stone as is, making sure it fits and doesn't overlap or flop over the stone's edges. Season your base generously with herbs, salt, pepper and garlic, then drizzle olive oil over and rub evenly over the base. Bake in the oven for approx. 10 minutes or until golden on the underside and crisp/hollow sounding if tapped. Don't let the herbs burn, that tastes nasty. Trust me.
Remove from oven and slip your pizza base onto your plate. Quickly drain the bruschetta mix in a strainer until most of the liquid is gone, then smooth it onto your pizza. Cut, serve and enjoy! Easy!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello Mofo + tasty bits from Adelaide

And so Vegan Mofo begins! I've been in Adelaide for the past week so I have a few pics of things I bought or ate or laughed at to share. Once I sleep off all the eating I'll be back to post about actual recipes and food!

I did some pretty serious shopping in Adelaide: 

Clockwise-ish from top left: Dr McDougall's tomato-basil instant soup, Eli's earth choccy bar, porcini mushroom powder, Constant Craving scorched almond truffle, various Biona milk and cherry choc hearts, No Worries Lollies - strawberry, mango, pineapple and lime, Bioflan caramel pudding mix, raw vegan coconut rough, rhubarb Nakd raw bar, violet Funky Fudge (already nibbled in that pic - oops!), assorted treaties for my kitty, raw savoury flax crackers.

I also ate some Nushie's Natural tiramisu ice-cream, and it was glorious. I hadn't even heard of this brand before, but I reckon it's the best premade vegan icecream I've ever had. And it's available in Melbourne! Score:

Sweet and sour gluten (featuring potatoes! Never seen that before, but it's actually rather nice) with fried rice noodles from Pure Vegetarian, a wholly vegan takeaway (also no onion, MSG etc if that's your thing) in the Adelaide Central Market food court:

I will miss this. I know we have Chan House here, but their food is often so greasy and leaves me feeling a bit yick. This was great and I went back again another day for the same thing.

From said food court women's toilets. Organic pears and hugs are the answer. You heard it here first!

Vegan curry puffs from Gepps Cross produce market:

These are SO GOOD. And they're only about $1 a pop! The sellers are two kind Asian ladies who also make flaky coconut pastries, as well as selling vegan two-minute noodles and some shelf-stable Lamyong products. I wish they'd move to Melbourne. I want these in my life all the time!

I roasted some veg in lots of fresh herbs, garlic and lemon, and made the leftovers into these bubble and squeak patties with fried onion:

Which turned into this undignified mess in the pan, but tasted awesome (served with a lone Linda Mac snag just because):

And, because I am a fool, that's all I managed to get pictures of. (Does not include a visit to Bliss Organic, a couple of other dinners out or other homemade food. Damnit.) I will post reviews of all the pre-made bits and pieces soon - once I actually try them all. Adelaide is an amazingly vegan-friendly city and I was stoked to find that out. I can't wait to go back. In the meantime, here are some pics of Adelaide things that made me smile: