Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Whole New Level Of Lazy

Have you ever had one of those cravings where you're too lazy to go out and get what you want, but somehow aren't too lazy to duplicate it?
This happened.

 L-R: 'chicken' chow mein, 'plum' glazed pork marinated and fried until it got sticky and a little burny, sweet and sour 'chicken'. 

I have no real recipes here. Just take it from me that it was great. I used premade sauces for each component (this page has a brilliant list of vegan-friendly stir-fry sauces - pick your favourites!).

Chicken chow mein. Premade "chow mein" vegan sauce - carrot, broccoli, bok choy, onion, peanuts, mock battered chicken chunks (the Asian style - I love these, they work for everything! Feel free to sub your fave mock meat though.). I fried the 'chicken' in a little oil until brown and crispy, then added all the veg and peanuts to the same pan - poured in the sauce packet, added a generous splash of veggie stock and let it simmer down until veggies were still a bit crunchy, peanuts were a little soft and the sauce was thickened. Cashews would be an excellent addition, as well as baby corn. Must note for next time!

Plum "pork" - vegan mock char siu pork rubbed liberally with jarred vegan plum sauce and left to sit for an hour. Then just fried in a hot pan until a bit sticky and burny and awesome. These leftovers are going to ROCK in fried rice.

Sweet and sour - this one was the simplest of all! Fry your chicken until super crispy, then throw in red and green capsicum, pineapple and onion cut fairly chunky. Fry until the onion is a little brown and smoky, and the capsicum is only slightly softened. Mix in your pre-made sauce and serve immediately! 



  1. they all look fantastic, as in I really want some of all that nowwww STAT.

  2. Woah! All those dishes look yummy and sinful! And you making all this is the opposite of lazy. haha

    By the way, in the description under the first photo, shouldn't it be pork in quotes and not plum? ;)

  3. You have excellent eyes there! Actually, I have no idea what was going on with my quotation marks. I think I was just nursing a massive food baby. :D

  4. What in the what? This is you being lazy? I need to take some lessons :-) This all looks amazing!! Definitely beats take out.