Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another Junkfood Binge: LOTF and Berrissimo (again)

Oh my God, it's been a week since I last posted. I suck at this mofo thing, but I have TONS of posts to come - I'm off on the lovely Jasmine from Simply Replenished's spring cleanse once October starts, so I've been eating out more than I usually do and cooking like crazy and just enjoying having tastebuds and working close to the veggie district in Fitzroy. I have a couple more outings (eatings?) planned for this week too. Woo.

This was my work lunch yesterday. I actually tried to swing by Grill'd for some chips but they were out of chips (how does that even happen?) so - LOTF chips and a mini Uncle Sam: 

 And my dog-eared copy of Lolita in the corner.. whoops. 

I've been meaning to try an Uncle Sam for years (seriously. I tried last time they were on the menu and they were out of onion rings and made me a disappointing burger minus them with my consent) and am so glad I did. It was tasty, but when I actually managed to get a bite of onion ring it all made sense and became totally awesome. I am a huge fan of fried things on burgers, though, so I'm biased. But pickles! And tomato! And look at how cute it is. I love eating at the Brunswick St. store because the food just looks super appetising and the fact they have a vintage arcade machine with Pacman loaded kinda helps. If the Donkey Kong game wasn't a preview I think I'd probably live here.

Looks like my burger is wearing a corset.

And then, because I idled past Berrissimo on the way back, looked at the flavours and - hey, Nutella?! Had to stop in. Naturally.
This amazing bastard is a small Nutella with chocolate sauce, peanut butter caramel (!!) and coconut roughs, $5: 
You also get a pic of a guy's butt. Sorry, Random Guy, it was melting and I was hungry.

I don't think you'll be surprised if I tell you this was incredible. The Nutella is nice - not as amazing as the lemonade, but it has a hazelnut kick and a little cocoa, and it's a brilliant base for the sauces (that peanut butter caramel is insanely tasty and I've already looked into making my own). I love the fact I can get vegan chocolatey things on my fro-yo at Berrissimo - such a little thing, but damn does it make me happy. Vegans don't generally get that option. And the coconut roughs are awesome! If they sold them by the bag I'd be a very happy lady.
In conclusion, Berrissimo = still great. The only thing they are possibly missing is crushed peanuts as a topping. And a store next to my house.

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