Thursday, 5 September 2013

Boring Text Post: My Top Five Recipes From Other Bloggers' Fabulous Minds

I've been a blog-lurker for years. Time to pay homage to some of my favourite recipes from other bloggers around the world. These are the ones I use frequently, sometimes adapted, sometimes not - either way, I don't get bored of them so definitely worth posting. I'll try and update this in future!

A Series of Kitchen Experiments - Vegetarian Paella
This was actually my mother's discovery a few years back, but it's been on regular rotation in our house ever since. Homemade stock makes it even better. We also use a mix of hot and sweet paprika so it stays pretty mild.

C'est La Vegan - Coconut Bundt Cake
This is one of those cakes that looks fancier than it is. It's also gloriously moist and stays that way for days - perfect if you're not a huge sweet tooth or making a whole cake for a couple of lazy eaters. The icing sugar dusted over the top is good, but for plus points, dark chocolate ganache (I use Whittaker's dark ghana melted with Nuttelex so it sets hard) is totally where it's at.

Messy Vegetarian Cook - Lancashire Hotpot
Okay. Actually, I mess with this one quite a bit. Instead of using tempeh, I tend to just fry the veg, add the wine and stock and everything in together, and use a tin of lentils for the protein. Makes it far lazier and is so, so tasty. Try it both ways - you could even probably sub TVP, tofu or your fave faux-meat -but keep the flavours, they're great as is.

Easy as Vegan Pie - Sausage Rolls
I actually came across Where's the Beef's recipe for this first, but this one is much more my speed. These seem richer and there's less of that... wobby softness.. you get using silken tofu. They freeze well too!

Speaking of Where's the Beef - Tempeh Not-Bacon
This marinade is AMAZING. I've chucked it on tempeh. On tofu. I intend to try it on soy curls and flaked coconut in the near future. I'm not a fan of commercial facon, and this is so damn good that the marinating time is worth it.. and it's much easier and cheaper than Redwood, which is always nice!

So there's my top 5 from other bloggers. What recipes are your favourites?


  1. what a nice idea for a blog post - honoring your favorite blog recipes! I have SO MANY recipes from other bloggers bookmarked, but I don't often remember to use them. It's always really fun when I do. Now, thanks to you, I have a few more bookmarks!

  2. I would LOVE to see more people do this.. you should definitely give it a go! It's fun to see people try new things, but it's the recipes we use all the time that we should talk more about haha. :)