Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bullsh*t Recipe: Margherita Pizza using Notzarella

I can't be the only vegan who grew up loving cheese pizza and cheese pizza only, right?

Cheese pizza was my standard order at pizza joints until I went vegan four years back. It took me a while to even think about making pizza, but eventually I started trying. The first attempt was this half-and-half everything pizza a while back - it was okay, but didn't really hit the spot:

Inspired by Green Gourmet Giraffe's cheeseburger pizza.. 'burger' meat, beetroot, pineapple, every veggie in the house, a little Cheezly.

Then I discovered Notzarella and started to get comfy with making my own dough. This pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and insanely easy. The only things are: you NEED to use Notza. Cheezly won't melt as well, and will be too strong. Also: stick to the quantity of cheese. Notza melts really liquidy and will burn the hell out of you while you're trying to eat it, and that sucks.

Incredibly Delicious Notza-Margherita Pizza
Serves 2, or one really hungry person

1/2 quantity of my favourite lazy dough recipe (courtesy of The great thing about this is that all you have to do is throw everything in a bowl and bash it together, then let rise. Nobody likes to work too hard for pizza, so it's ideal. But if you have a favourite recipe - use it!
approx. 1/2 small tomato, sliced thinly, then quarter the slices
Pizza sauce of choice (you don't have to work hard here. Woolies makes them in a squeeze bottle and it's pretty good!)
1/4 block of Notzarella faux-cheese
1/2-1 tsp. dried oregano

Set your oven to max (approx. 250)If you're using a pizza stone, pre-heat it. If you're not, try and get one - seriously, they're fantastic and make the best bases ever. Once you have your cooking base, roll out your dough to full pizza size, and gently press onto your stone. I find that this recipe doesn't stick - if you have issues with this on your tray or stone, try to agitate the base before it goes in the oven.
Smear on your pizza sauce with a spoon. Crumble your Notza up and sprinkle evenly over the pizza - this stuff melts REALLY well, so don't stress about any bald patches. Top with your sliced tomatoes and oregano and you should hopefully have something that looks like this:

Always assemble on your tray or stone. Manhandling topped dough is a PAIN.

Then pop it in the oven for approx. ten minutes and hey, presto, cheese pizza for lazy vegans!

Best eaten in front of the TV with a beer or something fizzy after a bad day. Enjoy!


  1. It does melt really well, wow!
    I started making my own cheese to go on pizza. It doesn't melt that well, but it tastes so good.

  2. I definitely grew up loving cheese and for a while I was even one of those "I could never give up cheese" vegetarians! Now I love vegan cheese just as much as the old dairy stuff.

  3. That is one nice looking pizza! I which they had notza in Canada!