Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Chan House Revamped

Veganopolous recently posted about a visit to Chan House that had me drooling. Today I got tattooed (yay!) and decided to grab lunch at Chan House and - hey, what the hell is this?!

Divine Realm?! Chan House has either changed hands or just rebranded (FWIW, I was a pretty big regular here for a solid year when I worked in the CBD - didn't recognise anyone there today - maybe a changeover?). Some things are still very much the same - some of the signs, the fried rice, etc. However, there are quite a few new things (vegan prawn crackers and crispy tofu skin!) and most things are now marked vegan, so you don't have to guess. I like this.

Here's the new menu setup:

Pretty cool how you can just pick up the mock-meat without rice. But I saw "sweet and sour spare ribs" and fried noodles and had to go for a small eat-in plate.

Ordinarily I'd be pissed that they only gave me four "ribs" - that's a lot of noodles and no mock-meat. But, honestly, I didn't like them in the slightest. Instead of the old gluteny deep-friend 'ribs', these are some bright pink mock-meat sandwiched with a strip of fake ham, fried and covered in a very, very tangy sauce. I don't know. I love Chinese food, but these were incredibly wrong somehow.. texturally and flavour-wise. I didn't even finish them. However, the noodles were super satisfying and I didn't really feel jipped at a plate of those. They're nothing mind-blowing, but if you're wanting fried noodles, they're great.

Feeling a bit sad, I picked up one of my old favourites on the way out, the deep-fried dim sim stick:

These are junky in the best possible way. They're filled with some kind of homogeneous, vaguely sweet mock-meat I've never encountered elsewhere, and are super crispy and totally satisfying if you want deep-fried crunch. So: some things haven't changed!
I'm hoping these 'ribs' were a one-off.. there used to be some pretty tasty stuff going on at Chan House. The prices are great so I'll definitely be back with crossed fingers.

 In other news, still obsessed with Berrissimo:

Small strawberry cupcake, $4
Would not recommend. Weird artificial flavour to it.. kinda like those crappy strawberries and cream gummies in mixed lolly bags. Blech.

Small lemonade with passionfruit boba, $5
This ROCKED. The fro-yo is more of a soft sorbet and it's really just straight-up lemon.. but in a great way (I made lemonade rainbow cupcakes once and almost barfed - forever wary of lemonade flavour now.). I'd never actually tried boba before but damn it was good. Next time I'm going for the lychee as well.
I also noticed there are more vegan toppings than I knew about. Peanut butter caramel! Truffles! Chocolate chunks! You guys! Go there. Really. It's awesome.


  1. Thanks for the Chan House news! I'll go update my post...

  2. I'm glad I read this, I know to avoid the ribs now. I can't believe I was at Lord of the Fries in Fitzroy two days ago and didn't go to Berissimo, I haven't gone yet but will rectify that stat.

  3. I'm so sad. The ribs used to be the best thing they did! :(

    DEFINITELY go. And get the peanut butter caramel and blog about it, I'm dying to know what it's like hahaha

  4. That looks exactly like the naughty Chinese food I crave, right there.

  5. Hello, Divine Realm Vegie Delight is not associated with Chanhouse. Chanhouse has just recently opened their new restaurant at 21 Rosella St, Doncaster East, 3109. Their number is, 03 8806 9056.