Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello Mofo + tasty bits from Adelaide

And so Vegan Mofo begins! I've been in Adelaide for the past week so I have a few pics of things I bought or ate or laughed at to share. Once I sleep off all the eating I'll be back to post about actual recipes and food!

I did some pretty serious shopping in Adelaide: 

Clockwise-ish from top left: Dr McDougall's tomato-basil instant soup, Eli's earth choccy bar, porcini mushroom powder, Constant Craving scorched almond truffle, various Biona milk and cherry choc hearts, No Worries Lollies - strawberry, mango, pineapple and lime, Bioflan caramel pudding mix, raw vegan coconut rough, rhubarb Nakd raw bar, violet Funky Fudge (already nibbled in that pic - oops!), assorted treaties for my kitty, raw savoury flax crackers.

I also ate some Nushie's Natural tiramisu ice-cream, and it was glorious. I hadn't even heard of this brand before, but I reckon it's the best premade vegan icecream I've ever had. And it's available in Melbourne! Score:

Sweet and sour gluten (featuring potatoes! Never seen that before, but it's actually rather nice) with fried rice noodles from Pure Vegetarian, a wholly vegan takeaway (also no onion, MSG etc if that's your thing) in the Adelaide Central Market food court:

I will miss this. I know we have Chan House here, but their food is often so greasy and leaves me feeling a bit yick. This was great and I went back again another day for the same thing.

From said food court women's toilets. Organic pears and hugs are the answer. You heard it here first!

Vegan curry puffs from Gepps Cross produce market:

These are SO GOOD. And they're only about $1 a pop! The sellers are two kind Asian ladies who also make flaky coconut pastries, as well as selling vegan two-minute noodles and some shelf-stable Lamyong products. I wish they'd move to Melbourne. I want these in my life all the time!

I roasted some veg in lots of fresh herbs, garlic and lemon, and made the leftovers into these bubble and squeak patties with fried onion:

Which turned into this undignified mess in the pan, but tasted awesome (served with a lone Linda Mac snag just because):

And, because I am a fool, that's all I managed to get pictures of. (Does not include a visit to Bliss Organic, a couple of other dinners out or other homemade food. Damnit.) I will post reviews of all the pre-made bits and pieces soon - once I actually try them all. Adelaide is an amazingly vegan-friendly city and I was stoked to find that out. I can't wait to go back. In the meantime, here are some pics of Adelaide things that made me smile: 


  1. I think I'll go to Adelaide just for the vegan curry puffs. That Nushie looks fab, I love the green tea flavour. I got mine from Global Green Veg Food Mart in Braybrook :)

  2. Happy Vegan Mofo! Liking the look of that icecream. Looking forward to your recipe posts. It's my first vegan mofo and its great to see so many people taking part. My theme is everything bean like and I'm following the 'official' theme as its my first one, which is proving more difficult than I first thought :)
    Jasmine x

  3. Sounds like a yummy trip - and interesting to see that you can find nakd bars in Adelaide - I have only had them in UK - would love to try the rhubarb ones! Happy mofoing

  4. Johanna - the rhubarb is super nice! I don't like most "datey" flavoured bars, but the flavour plays off it nicely. The store I went to is actually the physical storefront for Vegan Online - they might have them? If not, you could probably shoot them an email and ask :)

    Veganopoulous - Seriously. Go get the curry puffs. And bring me back a bagful haha! They're glorious.. I have so many reasons to go back and all of them are edible.

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