Saturday, 7 September 2013

In Which I Develop A $5 Chip Habit

Yesterday I went to Radical Grocery after ballet (famous last words) for Notzarella and walked out with two packets of chips - Thomas Chipman's Rosemary and Thyme and Boulder Canyon's Hickory BBQ.

If you like rosemary and thyme on your spuds, you'll love these. They're subtly flavoured - you can taste it, but it's not a smack in the mouth. They are not kettle chips - I think that'd spoil them, actually,  all you'd get is crunch and maybe a random stab of herb here and there. I was super impressed - and pissed. Nobody needs an expensive chip habit. Why are there not more herb-flavoured chips out there? It seems like a brilliant idea. Everything goes with potatoes.

Good job, Mr Chipman!

And then it got worse.
These are the Boulder Canyon BBQ chips:

Look at that hilarious orange colour. was absolutely starving after ballet and tore into the packet (as you can see) when I left the store. The first thing that hit me was the liquid smoke flavour straight out of the bag - I love cooking with liquid smoke, but I'm pretty wary of it in most commercial products. But these are really well balanced - they have that sweetness that good BBQ flavours have, and they're incredibly moreish.
If anything: these remind me of Kettle's Honey Baked Ham chips I liked pre-veg, with the sweetness of a regular BBQ chip.

I paid approx. $3.80 for the rosemary-thyme and $5.something for the amazing BBQ ones. No pressure, but seriously. Try the BBQ. And if anyone out there knows where to find them in Melb's southeast - let me know so I can get broke and fat in peace.

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