Thursday, 12 September 2013

Obligatory Lord of the Fries Post

So. Lord of the Fries.
I really have nothing to say that hasn't been said before: great people, great service (I have had my burger dairy-cheesed on quite a few occasions, but they're always super apologetic and usually offer some kind of upgrade, so - not too bad!) and the food is great. Here's my poison of choice, a mini vegan Mark and some chips at the Brunswick St. store:

I love the fact they have sit-down eateries now. And you can get booze. It's the sort of place I'd love to go before a gig - nice, easy lazy food and a cider or two to go with it. And I saw a sign on the way out: sweet potato fries now available! You guys! I'll be back very soon.

And, just because, my other favourite: a big vegan New Yorker. These things are downright gross in the best way: patty, cheese, bbq sauce, mustard, onions, HASH BROWN. It's genius. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be adding onion rings. LOTF: what say you?

In other news, I finally made it to Berrissimo: 

 Small vegan choc mousse ($4) with flaked almonds ($1).
 Check out that texture!

This stuff is SO. GOOD. I can actually go to my local shopping centre and get a vegan chocolate ice-cream (Fountain Gate Gelare! Try it, it's wonderful and labeled vegan) but choosing almonds made this one brilliant. There are 3-4 vegan flavours every day and a pile of different mix-ins, quite a few vegan - mochi, tapioca pearls, fruit compotes, all sorts! I am stoked to be able to get this stuff so close to work. Actually, I tried to have it for lunch on Wednesday but they were randomly closed until 6 pm that day. God damnit. I will be back to try the strawberry cupcake flavour, and I will blog about it.

Also, I went to Gong De Lin and got the plum juice and it was great. For some reason it reminded me of a Slush Puppy syrup (in a good way) - if you're not into strong flavours it might not be your thing:

This is a crap post. Life has been INSANE this week (including winning Vegie Head's big giveaway - SKJDHJFHSDFKJHD so excited). I'll be back with non-crap very shortly! Promise!


  1. I had a LOTF burger yesterday, so delicious but when I eat on the run (or on the tram) the pattie always gets squished in to the bottom of the wrapping and I get a mouthful of bread. There must be a technique. And that mousse looking amaaaazing!

    1. I get that with a lot of 'gourmet' burgers. They cram so much in, it slips and slides, and you end up with the filling in in your hand rather than in the bun.

  2. I know what you mean. The worst part is when you get a New York and then you just get bread and mustard. Rearranging them into some kind of edible shape is hard work! What's your favourite burger?!

  3. lord of the fries has sweet potato chips - must be time for a visit - though I suspect our number 1 chip eater (4 year old) would not be keen! love the place - often saves us from cranky pants behaviour at fllinders street station