Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pana Chocolate Cafe, Richmond

This week has well and truly stunk. I've been down with a king-size case of flu, with just about every gross side-effect I can think of. So, what's a person to do when they feel a teeny bit okay and are dying to get out of the house? Check out Pana's new cafe in Richmond!

The shop is adorable. It's small but feels spacious, and has a gorgeous array of wall-art: 

But the counter is even better to look at!

Check out that range of gorgeous choccies. There are small individual chocs (around $2.80), larger fudgy squares (maybe $4.50?) and cheezecake slices ($8.50). I didn't ask about the packaged blocks - I usually stagger home with a bunch of them after World Vegan Day and that's not too far off!

Notice the empty platter there - that's because I snagged the last white chocolate blueberry cheesecake:

This was super super yummy, but there's a certain creaminess to it that freaked me out for a good while - it's beautifully done, and really doesn't seem vegan. Super decadent!

I also snagged a few little goodies to take home: 

 Unfortunately, I went on a bit of an expedition before heading home and they ended up a little beat up. Still: here's a pic of the mango ganache square, white rose/river salt choc, and mango salted caramel choc.

These looked absolutely gorgeous. The mango ganache is super yummy but not really heavy on the mango at all - it reminds me of omni hard ganaches (if you were a fan of Michel's Patisserie mudcakes once upon a time, think along those lines) but in a healthier way. I have to admit, the other two didn't really do it for me. I wanted them to, but there was too much salt and it was a bit overpowering, especially the white rose chocolate.. all I could really taste was salt (so much salt - and I salt everything!) and a little floral. Sad, it sounded fantastic.
That said, I love the fact Pana have branched out. The cafe is easy to get to, adorable and the service was great - though there are only 3 stools which we occupied, so don't go in a group if you intend to sit and chat. They're very popular - heaps of people wandered in and out while we were there. This Yelp review sums it up quite well: all the women are at Pana Chocolate, and for damn good reason. Try it out! 

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  1. I'm behind the times because I had no idea they opened a cafe. I love their chocolate and now in the interest of research I have to visit the cafe.