Saturday, 12 October 2013

Flu House, Episode 1: Pasties

I've been AWOL from writing for about two weeks now. We've had the flu. Not just the ol' feel-a-bit-crappy flu - the skin-aching, cough-so-hard-you-vomit kind of hell-flu that you can't do jack about. So,life lately has been about comfort food. Stodgy things, salty things, broths and potatoes and a lot of avocado and cucumber sushi from the local takeaway. On one of the days I felt slightly functional, I made pasties.

Last year Anger Burger, my favourite blog in existence, started blogging Jamie Oliver's cookbook. I followed the posts with interest and bookmarked the Early Autumn Cornish Pasties for future reference. Unfortunately, it's taken me a whole goddamn year to get around to it. But Sunday's sentiments are correct: this recipe seems like it shouldn't really work, but it does. It really does.

I didn't stick to the recipe very much - I used vegan margarine for the pastry (naturally), omitted the meat entirely, didn't put in zucchini because we were out and added peas. All the seasoning this has is rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper, and that's honestly all it needs. All the veggies cook perfectly - everything is soft but not mushy and stays identifiable, as a Cornish pasty should. And they freeze brilliantly and reheat easily from frozen.
The pastry is a little irritating to pull over your veggies, but I didn't find it quite so rage-inducing as Anger Burger did. That's about the only criticism I can have about this recipe. Give it a go on a day where you want to cook but are too busy coughing. Or if you're just feeling lazy. It's worth it.

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