Saturday, 12 October 2013

Las Vegan Nirvana + Assorted (Mostly Disappointing) Edibles

When I'm sick, my tastebuds go out of whack. I really just want calories, because food is unsatisfying, and things that taste good are rare. And I really just want to sit alone when I go out for food, and read a book and try not to cough on anyone. So I went to Las Vegan last week and it was just what I wanted.

This is the snitz and chips, $12. Delicious. I have no idea what the heck is in their snitzel - it's unlike any other mock meat I've had - super soft and stringy, but the salsa they serve it with works perfectly. And I'm pretty sure they have my vote for best chips in Melbourne. It was a very pleasant late lunch and the perfect place to hide away and stuff your face. I really love Las V; the staff are kind and attentive and know their food, but if you just want to read a book in the corner, you can. It's awesome.

I grabbed a brownie on the way out, $3.50:

This was yummy - cakey and nutty with a crispy brownie top (wish I knew how to do that). The guy working, when I asked for a brownie, looked at me quite seriously and asked whether I wanted a corner, middle or side piece. (The answer is always a corner piece if you can, but that's the kind of great service Las V. has!) 

In my search for something that tastes good, I've been around a bit:

BBQ pork and fried noodles at Chan House Divine Realm. Honestly, the pork tasted exactly like the pork I make at home but the pork I make at home is delicious, so I can't complain about that. Mixed in with noodles, it was $5 well-spent. If I could get this takeaway near my house I'd be stoked.

Less satisfying meal, when I stopped by with a friend: bitter melon in black bean sauce (don't go there. the bitter melon flavour gets into everything and is NASTY) and sweet and sour on fried rice with a spring roll and a dim sim. I will always love Divine Realm's deep-fried stuff; it's oddly sweet but totally satisfying. Wish they had the prawn toast more often though.

The most unsatisfying LOTF meal I've ever had, including the accidental dairy-cheesings. The sweet potato chips are horrible. Bland, mealy and hard. I had a pretty big sad about these. Don't go there.
LOTF, if you happen to read this: I adore you, but seriously, fix this.

I'm on the mend now and starting to cook again, so: hopefully less eating, more cooking posts soon!


  1. Gahhh I was so disappointed with the sweet potato fries too and threw them away after a handful :( The onion rings are blergh too and just so oily :( I do love the burgers though and am yet to try a hot dog.

    1. I agree on both counts. :( That was the biggest bowl of blergh I've had in ages. How do you mess up sweet potato fries?!?!

      I'm not a fan of the hot dogs - something about the Cheezly + other toppings all together grosses me out. I'd rather just assemble my own at home!

  2. I am similarly fond of the schnitz'n'chips meal at Las V. Also, your brownie story is the best, props to that brownie connoisseur you were served by.