Friday, 18 October 2013

Shandong MaMa: Totally Worth It

I finally got to Shandong Mama and it was definitely worth the hype.
Vegan (actually written as vegan on the menu!) zucchini dumplings with coriander, black fungus, tofu and some other stuff, $10.80:

These are truly excellent dumplings. If you've ever had mushy zucchini, don't fear - the mix is perfect and super fresh tasting. Here's a gore shot. (appreciate this, I am not dexterous and chopsticks + camera at the same time was quite hard.) Check out the bright green! I always feel a little depressed when I bite into a veg dumpling filled with that pasty mush (I make my own ginger-soy tofu dumplings at home so honestly, most dumplings are a disappointment because I'm picky), so these were such a nice surprise. Side note: my omni dining partner got the fish dumplings, tried mine and coveted them for the rest of the night.

Shandong Mama is REALLY popular, it seems. There are good reviews pasted on the glass walls and we walked in just past 6 and snagged the last table. You mix your own dipping sauces with vinegar, soy and chili - I love this. If they had sesame seeds as well it'd be perfecto. Service was fine and quite fast - we'll be back for another post-work dinner quite soon.
Oh, and I went to Divine Realm again because reasons. This is the made-to-order singapore noodles, $9:

DAMN this was good. It had tofu, mock pork and ham, loads of veggies and fresh bean sprouts and was covered in toasted sesame seeds. Yum. And not greasy! I find their stuff hopelessly greasy most of the time - even the fried rice - so this was a nice change. Guess the made-to-order is the way to go. Also, this was so big I asked the nice lady for a container and took half of it home. I will definitely eat this again soon! They have a range of 5-6 made to order options, as well as a noodle soup of the day (this day it was "beef" noodle).

My Friday was pretty great.


  1. Those dumplings are great aren't they!

    1. So great! I actually popped by the fruit and veg shop this morning and picked up some zucchini to try making something similar.. should keep me going 'til I get back there! :-)