Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Yong Green Food: Still Delicious

This whole post is basically why I love working right near Brunswick Street: Yong's!
It was 30 degrees (very unsettling - did anyone else feel weirded out by it?) last Wednesday, so a friend and I popped by for dinner and sat outside enjoying the weather.

Here's our table:

I got the Korean BBQ, $16.50 (I think). It was exactly what I needed. Warm, healthy and comforting, with a gorgeous savoury broth-sauce. I'm not generally a mushroom fan but these were so delicious. I walked out feeling comforted and like I'd eaten the first decent thing in a long while.

 My dining partner went for the summer rolls, $12.50. They were interesting - fresh and a little pungent, but not really either of our thing. She tried a mouthful of my food and then flagged down the waiter to get her own, so these guys got rather neglected by the end.

 I also snagged a piece of takeaway white-choc raspberry cheesecake as a present for my (also sick) mother, $8:

Melbourne tram shot! I really couldn't make this pretty - it got thoroughly rumpled on the trip home, the coulis dripped all over my white bag (urgh) and I ended up with a serious mess. But my mother says the flavours were perfect: the raspberries and creaminess make total sense. I suspect everyone else in Fitzroy feels the same way - once the tables filled, more people than I could count (or bothered to) came in for takeaway cheesecake. Smart people.
In conclusion, Yong's rocks. Our waiter was nice and friendly and not at all shirty when we took a while to order. I'll be back for the pho very soon!

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