Friday, 15 November 2013

Gettin' Figgy With It: WVD and New Pana Chocolate Flavour

World Vegan Day! Who went?!!?
Sign near the tram stop.

We got in at 10:30 and it was already disgustingly crowded and too hot in the room. Sigh. We did a round of the hall and checked out the Pana booth: 

The only free space in the place.

Pana are very generous with their samples (and their WVD deals)! It makes me like them all the more. We tried the new flavours, Fig and Wild Orange and Sour Cherry and Vanilla - both are amaaazing. Bought three bars of each. Excellent decision.

After stocking up on Notza at the Radical booth (it appears they've reduced the amount and added more packaging - sad), we decided to grab a pre-lunch snack. These are the satay skewers and spring rolls from Enlightened, $5/3:

Both were tasty as heck. I'm always a fan of deep fried because I refuse to do it at home (oil smell.. blegh). I must experiment with making my own satay with mock nuggets. The spring rolls have that sweetness that Chan House's have too - is it some kind of white mock meat? I have no idea. But it's so tasty. I must make it to Enlightened sometime, I think.

Gore shot! Cannot for the life of me work out what this stuff IS exactly.

Walked around again and scoped out the goods:

More yums. (I really wanted a Vietnamese pancake from Fina's, but there was a 20-minute wait at 11 am. Nope.) These are veggie balls from Gopal's, with a tomato chutney. $5:

Tasty tasty. I've never actually been to Gopal's. If they have these on the menu, clearly I should. 

People escaping from the nasty crowds.

I love WVD and I love that it's gotten so popular, but it seems like this year was so badly planned. Looking at the Facebook, it seems that everyone overheated, the security guards were surly and not many people ate as much as they wanted to. (Tragedy.) So that kind of sucks - I hope they're able to accommodate the crowds better next year. I definitely would have done some actual shopping had it not been so hot and crowded in the hall. 

Here's what I ended up bringing home:

Yoyo from A Caterpillar's Dream, $3. This was really good and I wished I'd bought several.

Cinnabun from Mister Nice Guy, $4.50. My mother ate this and said it was a bit dry - don't know if that's because it was baked in advance or they just do a dry, bready bun. Keep in mind we're gigantic fans of the Vegan Yum Yum recipe, which is terribly soft and decadent and generally bad for you, so this could just be bias.

The ambiguously named "meat roll" from Vegie2Go, $7.95:


Honestly, this was mediocre. The inners had that pasty texture that you get from over-processing lentils - I'm guessing it was a TVP-lentil mush mix. I don't really know, but I think the DIY kind with nuts and oats are better tasting and have a better texture. 

 I had it with some (better tasting than they look, I swear) wedges with my current favourite seasoning:

1 tsp. sugar, 1 tsp. salt, generous dashes to taste of yellow mustard seeds, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and hot paprika.

 And then I got stuck into my Fig and Wild Orange Pana bar:

See that? That's a big ol' chunk of dried fig there. See that crack in the bar? More fig. Pana just keeps getting more and more awesome with their flavours. Unf. I'm hungry now.

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