Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Gnocchi, The Sadistic Way

Sometimes I get an urge to do something totally stupid or labour intensive in the kitchen (actually, this is almost always what motivates me to cook.). I picked up some organic tomato soup on a whim from NQR, then remembered I am almost never in the mood for soup. What can I do with good quality tomato soup? Reduce it down, make sauce. What can I do with sauce? Gnocchi. Let's make gnocchi. Okay!

First of all: sauce. You can see the ingredients of the soup I have below (if you're into tomato soup, this is very very nice!). Into a pan with fried garlic, lots of herbs and some generous seasoning. Reduced down. Easy. Set aside.

Now: gnocchi. Complete and utter pain in the ass, but so worth it. I went by Taste.com.au's recipe, which has a whopping two ingredients: 4 biggish spuds, 1 1/3 cup flour. You will need to salt generously as well, though.

Wash your spuds and boil whole so you don't get water in them - ~20 mins or so:

 Some mass boil action and my soup starting to reduce:

This is around the time it got irritating and I stopped photographing. Peel your spuds (easy), then mash as much as you can. But you need a ricer or a sieve to make a perfect mash. I do not have a ricer. I sieved the whole damn thing. It took forever and my arm hurt after. But the resulting potato was... wow. Perfectly soft and fluffy with nothing added to it and not at all mushy. I will probably do it for mash again, even though it sucked, because the result was just so awesome. Very hard to stop myself from just eating it instead.. but then I wouldn't have been able to make this post. It all works out.

Potato, flour, add a generous amount of salt to your bowl. Mix and knead till you get a soft dough, then cut into whatever shapes you fancy. Mine started off as soft blobs, but were rolled and frozen after this picture.

The best part? These fry from frozen beautifully. Lightly (very lightly) oil a pan and chuck them in. No effort whatsoever, and they taste like eating a cloud. In a good way. If you have a ricer, do it and freeze portions - it's the ultimate comforting food. If you only have a good mesh sieve, do it anyway. Utterly brilliant. I must make pasta more often!

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