Friday, 6 December 2013


Did anyone else grow up with Betty Crocker cake mixes? My mother used to decorate cakes professionally, and she always used a Betty Crocker as her base (even though she's a smashing baker). This recipe is the closest and the best. (2 cups of sugar, be warned.) Use coffee instead of water. That's where it's at.

And then, because two cups of sugar isn't enough, mock creamy filling. (Margarine and icing sugar, beat it 'til it's fluffy and not grainy in the slightest.)

And THEN the best cocoa you have and some coffee and make a nice dark mocha icing. Somewhere along the line this became the Technicolour Dreamcake (although I have no idea why now) but sometimes you really just need to eat a pile of kilojoules and this is an excellent way to do it. Yum yum.

Back to non-rambly posts soon, I promise. But a question - does anyone know where to get pearl sugar in the CBD or southeast? I have got myself a waffle maker and I need pearl sugar to blister my tongue, clearly. Thanks in advance! 


  1. I just put my face to the screen and snorted all that.