Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Updates, Updates, Updates

Hello! This week has been the Week of No Photos, largely due to a lot of kitchen screwups. Here's some.

- Called a local Indian restaurant about making a vegan masala dosa. Girl on the other end whisper-yelled "I DON'T UNDERSTAND" and then hung up on me. D: Tried to make own dosas - the packet mixes are decent, but cannot get the frying of right. Have mastered the potato filling though - through use of a packet spice mix and a lot of turmeric, but still. The potato mix also makes amazing spicy fritters with peas and other veggies added.

- Craving tomatoes, I tried this recipe from the Vegan Yum Yum cookbook. I am not a fan of creamy risottos and somehow I always manage to forget this. Veganopoulous' kritharaki is still my favourite wet tomatoey thing (is there a nice way to compare risoni/risotto?) by a long shot, so I gave up and made that for dinner instead and it was awesome.

- Made this vegetable manchurian recipe. Accidentally added too much ginger to the sauce and it was really, really bad. Ate the veg balls on their own and they were divine, despite having basically no seasoning. Sometimes veggies are just really really brilliant on their own. Will definitely make these again, they'd make awesome appetisers!

- I tried out potato waffles in my waffle maker and surprisingly, wasn't really a fan - they didn't really crisp up like a fritter, but still, mashed potato is not bad no matter what. I really want to try this recipe next, it looks incredible.. like a fritter, but better.

- More hot days, more noodle salad. The tofu in here is half soy-sesame and half lemongrass - the lemongrass was really mild and turned out more perfumed than flavoured. Will play with that more, though - I live near an amazing fruit and veg shop that always has it fresh for very very cheap. The noodles here are actually about 50% bean sprouts:

I flavour it with a little light soy and vegetarian fish sauce. The one I use is the one in this post by New Epicurian - it's nothing like fish sauce, but it's sweet and a little vinegary with a nice chilli afterburn. Perfect for noodles and spring rolls and just about everything ever.

- Made this meat pie recipe for kicks today. It was disgustingly tomatoey, so I didn't end up finishing it - but pastry is always pretty good. It was a great experiment nonetheless. I can't quite replicate the La Panella pie though:

- Picked up some close-to-use-by passionfruit Coyo for half price at Go Vita, and knew I'd never eat it in time so - almond milk and a little agave and hey presto, fro-yo! Really good stuff. I'll be doing this again with the homemade kind in future.

- This pair of juvenile king parrots have figured out we put out seed and have been stopping by. The boy (in front) is friendly and will eat out of your hand, although he's terribly messy and looks like he has leprosy or something. His missus is shyer, but still not overly worried. They're adorable and we love watching their colours develop. Aren't they festive?

And last of all - Merry Christmas, folks! What are you doing for lunch/dinner?! 


  1. ZOMG someone has linked to one of my recipes where I shat myself that people would make it and it would be crap for them. Thank you! It's my favourite wet tomatoey thing too, ha! I'm checking out the recipes you've made, they sound pretty super.

    1. True fact: I made it for brekkie this morning! I have it down to a single-serving science. It is yuuummy. I ought to start throwing other stuff in there, pine nuts would be fab.

      You should totally try the veg manchurian balls in your air fryer! They're so, so yummy - also I really want an air fryer and they're half price at Target now so.. you know. Science. :P


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