Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sweetwater Inn: Yum

I have no real fancy title for this. It's 30 degrees and I'm slightly tired and grumpy because heat really sucks, but I wanted to write this out because I finally checked out Sweetwater Inn today and it was well worth it!
The place is decked out in Australiana - skulls, snakeskins from the ceiling, et cetera - if dead things bother you, you may not like it. Service was fast and considerate (we studied the menu a fair while before deciding what to order and they left us alone to do so). There's also a quite large drinks list - many wines, beers, only one cider (on tap) which was slightly disappointing - and a neat cocktail list with some great looking drinks. The menu has changed for summer and now you can get a smoked 'chicken' or 'ribs', as well as the old classics of 'fish' and chips and the rissole sandwich, which is what I went for.

Here is my vegan rissole sandwich with chips and salad, $16. You'll notice that I picked up half the sandwich excitedly, realised I should take a picture and lowered it again - whoops. Squishy white bread does not like handprints:

This was a bloody good sandwich. The rissole is not soft, it's more sort of crispy on the outside with a chew to it - perfect antidote to the spongy white bread. With the tasty gravy and cheese, it was messy but one of the best sandwiches I've had in a /long/ time. Here you can see the structural integrity of the rissole - it's not a fall-apart kind of thing. Heck, if they sold them in take-home packs I'd buy several, it was that good of a rendition.
The chips are solid beer-battered specimens. I'd actually call them better than Gasometer's - I'll probably go back just for chips! The salad wasn't my thing - I think the dressing is mayo-based, maybe? That never rocks my boat so next time I'll just ask for it without, no big.

I really enjoyed our lunch here. The waiters were super kind and attentive (my thirsty ass needed water refills about four times and the server noticed super promptly each time - so nice!). The area is spacious, and the Australiana decorations are fun. My dining partner (omni) had the half smoked chicken and inhaled every bite, so I guess the omni food is pretty good too! (I don't like to post pictures of omni food here, but I think it's good to know for those of us who don't only eat out with other vegos.) We'll be back for another long, lazy lunch another warm day soon.

Dessert was at Fritz - this is a passionfruit sorbet cone, $4.50: 

Absolutely delicious. The seeds didn't bother me, but if you're the type to hate them, pick another flavour. All fruit flavours are dairy free and there are many - I debated over lemon and blood orange as well. At the same price as a Mister Nice Guy cupcake (and about ~15 metres away), this will definitely win out during the hot summer months.

Side note: I completely forgot to check if the cones are veg; please do this if you order! :-)


  1. That looks fantastic. I can't believe I still haven't been to Sweetwater Inn yet!

    1. Seriously, you should go! I love the way the vegan menu for summer gets some of the smoky BBQ treatment as well. I'm going to have to go back soon before it's gone!

  2. Sounds great, where is it?

    1. It's in a lane just behind Chapel St. in Prahran, about five minutes from the market. If you know where Jam Factory is on Chapel St, you turn there and it's approx. 10m away! Super easy.