Sunday, 20 April 2014

Waffle Taco?

I'm still getting used to using my waffle maker - I forget I own it so it hasn't gotten much use lately. But I came across this recipe from The Sugar Hit and was intrigued - buttery corn, spring onions and salsa together? Instead of the fried egg, I figured a nice greasy rosti would be an excellent choice. It photographs terribly, but damn it was good.
I really liked this recipe, although I think there was far too much butter (cough, Nuttelex) in there - it kind of overwhelmed the sweetness of the corn and the spring onions. Perhaps the omni version fares better? But the waffles came out lovely and crispy with great inner texture and were the perfect vehicle for my lazy pico de gallo (a handful of grape tomatoes, quarter of a red onion, 6-8 pickled jalapeno slices, pepper and lime juice). The whole thing took very little prep - the batter rests a while but it was a nice easy, lazy, tasty way to end an Easter Sunday - waffle maker, a frypan and a chopping board on the go while having a drink in the kitchen. Super relaxing. I rolled mine up into a giant waffle taco and stuffed my face. I am not even ashamed. Happy Easter! 

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